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We believe creativity reaches its heights, when the mind is completely relaxed with no unnecessary anxiety or apprehensions


Over the past 6 years, we have not only grown at an extremely rapid pace but we have done that while maintaining profitability. Right from the onset, the company has been shaped by the distinct personalities of the founders, Krishna Iyer and Mukesh Mulchandani. A young vibrant workforce that has been nurtured in a friendly and informal environment has developed this into one of the best workplaces to work at within Pune.

The entire workplace is designed to promote communication and coordination across teams while ensuring 100% security (ISO 27001 compliant). We promote cohesive approaches to projects to ensure that silos do not get created. We have equipped our workforce with state of the art infrastructure in terms of machines, workspaces, technology tools and recreational facilities to ensure that they can perform their tasks seamlessly.

We also put great emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. At Zen Test Labs, we understand that even though critical, work constitutes only one part of everyone’s life.  We also encourage our employees to give back to society through our social responsibility initiatives. More information on our social responsibility initiatives can be found here.

We believe creativity reaches its heights, when the mind is completely relaxed with no unnecessary anxiety or apprehensions. We thrive on providing such an atmosphere in multiple ways:

  • No suit up policy’ which allows Zentestians to dress comfortably, but we also trust that they wouldn’t be attired inappropriately. We believe by only being ‘suited up’ doesn’t provide best results
  • No work from desk policy’. As per need of the hour, Zentestians decide where they would be able to work best from? They work from home or any other comfortable location due to practical reasons
  • ‘No 9 to 5 policy’ Zentestians have flexible work timings as per their convenience, but they are trusted upon to  take responsibility in keeping their team informed and focus on delivering on time as much as possible
  • ‘Zero tolerance policy’ Zen Test Labs is a safe atmosphere to work in, due to this policy. It does not allow any kind of unacceptable behaviour from anybody. Immediate and strict action is taken against any misleading conduct
  • ‘No under the table policy’ Zen Test Labs strongly believes in complete honesty and transparency in all dealings. We do profitable business only through morally upright means. This is observed throughout the company and even in client dealings
  • ‘No all work no play policy’ Zen Test Labs encourages celebration and outings, which results in cementing the Zentestians in a strong positive bond. Every success in every department is celebrated