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At Zen Test Labs, all our training programs are delivered using a 9i training framework


As a software tester you are constantly trying to learn new tips and tricks about testing software from your peers and leaders in the industry. However specialized training for software testing is hard to come by. Most software testers rely solely on the experience they gather over a period of time and from exchanging notes with colleagues.


All our training programs are delivered using a 9i training framework, the results that accrue from our programs are primarily due to the instructional design framework which is:

Instructional Design Processes (prior to program)

  • Induction: Understand the needs
  • Introduction: Conduct an introductory session to set expectations
  • Interview: Send an outline and interview stakeholders to finalize contents & outcomes


Instructional Design Processes (during the program)

  • Instruction: Power Point Presentation
  • Interaction: Q&A, Challenging participants, Assessments
  • Intervention: Exercises, Personal feedback


Instructional Design Processes (after the program)

  • Illumination: Follow up sessions on phone or onsite after two weeks if required
  • Internalization: Individual coaching sessions with those who need further inputs
  • Institutionalization: Feedback on implementation by reviewing ┬átest artifacts created using the techniques and frameworks learnt in the program