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Test Automation has been in existence for a long time now and any company that has been testing for some time realizes the importance of having a robust automation strategy in place to ensure that test data assets get reused effectively and test teams do not end up spending time doing repetitive mundane tasks. However for a majority of these companies that are trying to achieve maximum automation in software testing, there is a huge gap that exists between what they dream of and what actually gets realized.

Right from deciding on what to and what not to, when to which tool and how to automate, companies falter in their automation strategies in different places. At Zen Test Labs, we assist you in every step of the test automation process including your choice of a test automation framework as depicted below:


Regression Testing


This test automation methodology is designed to help you get your test automation strategy spot on helps our customers achieve maximum successful automation in their test strategies.
Most companies choose Zen Test Labs as their preferred test automation partner for

  • Our thorough knowledge of what is automatable and what should not be automated
  • Our Business user friendly approach ¬†through script less automation
  • Our unique approach to exactly gauge automation tool compatibility
  • Our Test Automation Framework specially designed to meet needs of banks and large scale automation projects that ensured maintainability and scalability
  • Our ability to provide guaranteed ROI on test automation