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Featured Success Story


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Performance Testing

The client wanted to test the performance of their analytical solutions suite.The environment was not stable and there was very little technical support available from the client end. We helped them identify and optimize performance testing scenarios. We parameterized the scenarios such that any non-technical member could easily execute them. We helped them identify crucial bottlenecks, produced comprehensive reports and made recommendations for improving application performance to meet specified requirements.


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Mobile App Testing

We tested an unstable app for performance which was supposed to take back up on the cloud with more than 10,000 users. The app was unstructured and the team had very little documentation. We tested the app across the optimized configurations of devices and Oss and aligned with the release. We strategized in limitations of overcoming challenges like limited bandwidth of resources and issued with international payment gateways.


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Regression Testing

We delivered offshore functional testing that helped a client reduce regression cycles by 50%, document all functionality and consider automating regression testing. They came to us saying "Our application is high in complexity with multiple logical layers and monthly release cycles. We struggle with regression cycles which take in excess of 2 weeks at times. Added to this we have very limited documentation which leads to an unstructured test plan".



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100% Maintainable Test Automation

We recently helped a leading banking software product company automate their test environment to achieve a dramatic reduction in test case execution time while ensuring 100% maintainability. They had have tried test automation twice in the past without success. They wanted their automation project this time to be completed successfully and retain a fully maintainable solution while minimizing our risk upfront.


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Configuration Testing

We helped a global leader in PC manufacturing optimize and achieve maximum coverage recently. Download a copy of the case study to know more about how we dramatically reduced configuration defects and optimized 1,30,000+ combinations to a manageable number of 83.