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Zen Test Labs helps you mitigate risks with a test consulting practice like no other

Institutionalizing testing processes requires a commitment from a large cross-section of the organization. To build lasting commitments, several building blocks of an “End to End Testing Program” need to work; linked together like a chain. The building blocks include senior management commitment, alignment of quality objectives against test plan, tools and training, test metrics and a test process improvement framework. However we at Zen Test Labs believe that any chain however, is only as strong as it weakest link!

Thus to help you mitigate this risk, we have created a test consulting practice like no other. Zen Test Labs facilitates an independent review of your testing processes and practices against best practices as well as test process improvement models. In the context of your current test process maturity and implementation rigor, we help you resolve your specific pains and tactical testing challenges. We focus on “quick hits” that yield bigger impact with minimal effort and time. In addition to this, we also lay out a roadmap which focuses on “institutionalizing” a sustained testing process improvement program, which in the mid to long term will realize significant benefits.

A summary of our test consulting services is given below:

  • Test Maturity Assessment
    • Process maturity and gap analysis of existing testing processes against best practices and models such as TPI
    • Create a roadmap to reach desired level of maturity

  • Test Estimation Implementation
    • Implementation of one size measure to quickly and easily estimate testing effort
    • Creating Templates for easy implementation
    • Measuring defect density and productivity using the same size measure

  • Test Metrics Program
    • Define / enhance Metrics Program using Scorecards to align testing goals with business objectives
    • Select and customize tools for test data collection, rollup and analysis

  • Test Process Improvement
    • Establish Test Process Improvement Program for measurable benefits
    • Process Improvements through technology
    • Institutionalize standard processes to sustain the test process improvement program