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Welcome to our presentations and capability document section

You will find our presentations made at conferences globally, domain specific capability and service specific capability in this section.

Windy City Summit 2014, Session Presentation

Deterministic QA: Optimal De-risking of Treasury and Cash Management Implementations

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Banks spend millions of dollars on treasury/cash management systems and implementation is complex. An average cycle ranges from 6 to 12 months based on the complexity and banks struggle with spiraling and unpredictable implementation time, costs while trying to keep up with increasingly frequent releases primarily because of QA and testing. This presentation will help you understand common challenges faced in implementations, learn optimal approaches that minimize risk, balance requirements, customizations, quality, cost and time and understand risk mitigation strategies.

STARCANADA 2014, Session Presentation

Building a Test Centre of Excellence: Experiences, Insights and Failures

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Presented to software testing professionals from across the globe, this presentation talks about initiatives to set up a Test Centre of Excellence better known as TCoE. Many such initiatives have been plagued with issues ranging from partial implementations to complete abandonment midway. Additionally, most TCoE initiatives find heavy resistance and inertia within teams as it is perceived as a threat to their independence and way of doing things. Drawing from their experience of consulting with organizations on TCoE initiatives and building one for their own, Krishna and Mukesh, share insights, experiences and lessons learnt from both successes and failures.

Pay As You Save Automation


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Test Automation has been subject to very low levels of management buy in due to a perception of high risk, cost and poor return. Designed on our experiences of delivering large scale test automation projects to global corporations; our unique engagement model “Pay As You Save” addresses most of the concerns around test automation that plague QA teams. This outcome based model virtually guarantees you return on your automation spend! Download a copy of our brochure to know more about how we can guarantee you ROI on your next test automation project!

Test Automation Magic at STARWEST, California 2011


STARWEST 2011 - Keynote Presentation

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Presented to over 750 software testing professionals from across the globe, our keynote “Test Automation Magic: Pushing the frontiers” captures the essence of what it takes to successfully automate testing and innovate within that. Drawing on the experience of our co-founders, this presentation shows the testing community “The way of the wizard”when it comes to Test Automation.

STARWEST 2011 - Tutorial

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This hands-on workshop demonstrated to participants how to automate testing for web-based applications with Selenium. For all participants this was the jump start on functional test automation using open source test tools. Through our experience with large-scale test automation we show you how to record scripts, drive test scenarios with data, insert verification points, and create reusable scripts. The tutorial  explains various design approaches—and the benefits and limitations of each—for functional test automation including data-driven, functional decomposition, and keyword-driven.
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