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Engagement Models - Pricing Strategies

Whether you choose to engage with us on an onsite-offshore hybrid or a pure offshore model our pricing strategies are typically either of the two options given below. We do however offer strategic test resourcing services in form of onsite staffing and custom models for high volume projects.


The Time & Material

Software development cycles are unpredictable. However robust you planning development cycles, there is always a high possibility that projects overshoot deadlines. We understand this better than most. Today, the flexibility of having testing teams at your disposal to respond to your need to release applications in record time is not a luxury anymore. Whether it is maintenance releases, bug fixes, adhoc requirements or large projects, having dedicated testers at your disposal makes a huge impact on your ability to deliver on time. Over a period of time, these testers also develop a deep understanding of your application and ensure that your application is stable with each release.


At Zen Test Labs, the time & material engagement model gives you access to a top notch well trained testing team that is equipped with the knowledge, experience, expertise and best practices to deliver testing services to your organization. At Zen Test Labs we call them our “Zen Test Masters”. This test SWAT team is an elite tactical unit that is capable of playing multiple roles in your test strategy.


In addition to the onsite-offshore hybrid and pure offshore models, our managed/ shared services engagements are also delivered on a time & material basis.


The Fixed Bid

There are occasions on which you know exactly what you want in what timeframe. Better still, you know that your scope of work will not change during the course of the testing cycle. At times you might have specialized requirements in testing the performance of your application or testing it for security threats which typically calls for specialized resources that are not necessarily needed later.

Such times call for a fixed bid. Nothing gives you more predictability than a fixed bid.

At Zen Test Labs, we have mastered the fixed bid. We not only give you the right measures and metrics to gauge the ROI on your projects but also build scenarios into our bid. This holistic approach to your project ensures that unexpected delays don’t cause your expected cost of testing or the timeline to go haywire.