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At Zen Test Labs, it is our belief that we are a product of our society and keeping in line with this we recognize our responsibilities as a corporate to give back as much as we can.


We encourage our employees, partners and customers to do the same. We also believe in taking up ground level CSR initiatives that help develop our workforce into socially responsible leaders. Some of the CSR initiatives we have undertaken in the past include


Open Software Testing Course Initiative
Zen Test Labs supports conducting of a free open software testing course for aspiring entrants to the testing field. The brain child of our CTO, the open software testing course pre dates the founding of Zen Test Labs. Various Zen Test Labs employees and members of other companies support a NGO in running the Open Software Testing Course Initiative where no fee is charged. So far around 1000 students have participated with several of the participants having secured strong testing careers.


Financial Support to NGOs
We support a Pune based NGO in its charitable objectives through financial donations. Some key initiatives funded include a Happy Thoughts World Peace Festival presided by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and construction of a Universal Temple for Humanity that promotes secularism in the city of Pune.


Testing Support for NGOs
Zen Test Labs always seeks to help NGOs and charitable organizations in improving their quality. This is done by testing the IT initiatives at NGOs on a cost (no profit) basis.


Employee Initiatives
We encourage our employees to carry out small, but significant and successful CSR initiatives. For instance, in 2010, our employees forgo their Diwali gifts and chose to share them with an orphanage. Zen Test Labs recently trained various teachers at the University of Pune in Software Testing at no cost so that the students of Pune can be benefited.


We are constantly looking to support projects in our community. If you have any social projects that need our support, do reach out to us.