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Optimize your device and OS configurations to ensure maximum Test Coverage


Galaxy S2, S3, HTC Desire, iPhones, Sony Xperia, iPAD’s with retina/ without retina, Samsung Galaxy tab, Android Gingerbread, Sandwich, iOS 5, iOS6, Windows mobile, this list can go on and on. Devices and operating systems have been in a state of revolution for some time now. As an App. development company or corporations making mobile Apps., how do you keep up with the rapid rate at which change occurs? Well the truth is you cannot!

One of the major challenges faced by companies in this space is to choose the devices with their ingenious configurations to ensure maximum testing prior to deploying. Add the complexity of an extremely short window to roll out and this dilemma is a potential flashpoint for project failures given the business pressure. All of this exposes you to risks with the user interfaces, performance, functionality and cross device configurations

At Zen Test Labs, we understand the delicate balance between meeting your Go to Market timelines and the risk of rolling out a Buggy/ Defective App. Our holistic Mobile Test Optimization solution guarantees desired Test Coverage by balancing the equation of length, breadth and depth of testing.

  • Test Length: At Zen Test Labs, we define the length of mobile testing as the number of device we are able to test on
  • Test Breadth: At Zen Test Labs, we define the breadth of mobile testing as the number of unique OS’ we are able to test on
  • Test Depth: At Zen Test Labs, we define the depth of mobile testing as the percentage of coverage achieved through unique Test Case Design and Execution Processes

The Zen Test Labs’ Mobile Test Optimization solution ensures an approach that guarantees coverage while minimizing risk and achieving your Go to Market timelines. All of this while absorbing device cost!

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