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Performance has always been a critical part of applications. Development companies have wanted to know the breaking point for applications and enterprises have always wanted to mitigate critical failures. In the mobile world, performance of applications takes on a completely new dimension. Companies are abandoning projects if the performance of the App. is unable to live up to desired expectations. At times, functionality is compromised in order to achieve optimum performance. Device and App. Limitations are truly put to test when the performance of any App. is tested. Some of the common challenges faced when testing the performance of applications are:

Some of the common challenges faced are:

  • Frequent interruptions when not tested appropriately with a RCCA (root cause correction action) based approach can cause critical failure of the App.
  • Excessive usage of device resources like battery, memory or bandwidth can cause the App. to become undesirable to users.
  • Not everyone using the App. may have the optimum device configuration for maximum effectiveness. The ability to work on a cross section of devices goes into determining the success of an App.
  • Too much focus on usability, user experience leading to gaps in performance.


At Zen Test Labs, our super specialized Mobile Performance Testing Lab helps App. development companies and enterprises solve these App. performance challenges by:

  • Providing a holistic approach to performance testing covering areas such as volume testing, endurance testing, performance monitoring and soak testing.
  • Executing Interruption Tests of the application to ensure proper handling of calls, SMS, application pop ups, home button, power button, etc. and snapshot testing when home button is pressed for specific mobile operating systems.
  • Using certified usability testers with deep expertise in executing performance testing projects.
  • Identifying critical scenarios and leveraging utilities, logs to quantify the impact of the App. on the resources.
  • Creating real time scenarios to test the integrated performance between the App. and handset resources.