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Test Automation Strategy to ensure your App is marketed on time with a high ROI


A few years back the concept of mobile automation seemed bizarre. The market had comparatively fewer handset models and even fewer OS’. Nokia, Windows and BlackBerry were on autopilot mode without any disruption. The advent of the iPhone and Android revolutionized mobile phones in way where today this market is almost unrecognizable. App. Development companies and enterprises have rushed in to develop various forms of mobile Apps. to engage their respective customers on this revolutionary platform. So what did this mean to developers and testers…

Well for starters if you thought Agile Development was fast then Mobile Development is Agile Development on Steroids! You never have enough time to understand requirements, develop, test and deploy! If you manage to do all of that in time, you need to keep watching the market as there are dime a dozen others trying to do the same and might just get lucky and deploy before you.

Testing gains criticality in this process from a perspective that if you can reduce testing time dramatically then your deployment cycles improve dramatically too. Nothing helps reduce testing time better than test automation. Additionally, those repetitive redundant tests that you need to keep running with each release eat into development cycles. At Zen Test Labs, our years of testing experience and test automation rigor have enabled us to create an environment for our customers where test automation can guarantee ROI. Our Rapid Mobile Test Automation Utility centers on.

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